All the things that I do, I do wrong

And all the things I say

I got you hurting, I give you pain

You let me pay

You want to pay, pay the price

For all my sorrow

But I got no feelings, I got no pride

Because I’m hollow


REFREIN:         Everything I want, “My eyes shut”

                  All that I do, “My eyes shut”

                  I’m bad, “My eyes shut”

                  You want it too, “My eyes shut”


You think you’re mine, you think you’re cool

But I’m special

I got the skills to make you mad

I don’t care

But if you really want to be like me, you are crazy

You have to be mean, you have to be cold

Can you face me


Now you know, you really know

Who I am

You really hate me, you are really down

But I don’t care

I just do my thing without thinking

That’s my game

This boat is sinking

And will get your fame